Training / Seminars

We offer training programs for employees in any organization on the following topics:

  • Team Development and Conflict Resolution
  • Hiring Systems Training
  • Management Training
  • Customer Service Selling
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Performance Review Development
  • Disciplinary Action Training
  • Termination Training

1. Employee Retention - “An Ounce of Prevention Can Reduce Your Turnover” Finding good employees is not as difficult as keeping them. This seminar gives steps to recognizing the red flags of dissatisfaction, the differences between training and discipline problems.

2. Wrongful Discharge - “What Do You Mean I Can’t Fire My Employee” This informative seminar provides ways to weigh a company’s liability when making a firing decision, documentation techniques, ways to defend the termination decision to unemployment, or if a legal action is taken for wrongful discharge.

3. Conflict Resolution -“When There’s a Problem in Paradise.” Conflicts arise between people regardless of preparation, training and effort. Conflict is not always bad. When conflict is handled inappropriately, “it may not only become a bad business decision, but a legal disaster.”

4. Sexual Harassment - “The $600,000 Hug. How You Can Buy One.” This is a fast moving seminar, presenting in plain language:

- What sexual harassment used to be,
- What it is today,
- What it is NOT,
- What steps to take to protect your company

5. Managing Today’s Diverse Workforce - Managers must learn to manage many different types of employees in today’s workforce. This workshop provides a framework for Managers to gain knowledge and increase their ability to understand and manage the diverse workforce. Managers will gain an understanding of the nature of diversity in employees and examine how their own diversity influences their employees and the business practices of their store.

6. Customer Service Suggestive Selling - Is suggestive selling for your company. How to determine who should be selling, how and what to sell and how to sell the concept to employees. The purpose of this workshop is to develop knowledge of the opportunities to increase effectiveness in serving customers and ways to increase employee skills in maximizing sales through suggestive selling. Answer your questions and objections to making a commitment to accept and perform this duty.

7. Superior Performance Management - It is difficult to fix the car while it is running but that is what we have to do. We must learn to motivate employees while they are still working. This workshop provides training on motivating employees through performance reviews, disciplinary actions and in day to day communications. Discussing employee strengths and weaknesses while motivating the employee to improve is essential to control turnover and for capitalization of employees as an asset.

8. Team Development - The Key to Employee Retention - gain insight that will aid in the understanding and development of individual employees to build and maintain efficient, effective and motivated work teams.

9. “Making Your Company the Employer of Choice” - Hiring and retaining “good” employees is an issue for all business today. This seminar gives steps to develop an ongoing process to source and attract choice employees in a highly competitive job market.

10. “Disciplinary Action & Termination” - Despite preparation, conflicts arise, behavior becomes a problem or situations change. Learn steps to objectively evaluate the situation, the company liabilities and make the appropriate decision and take decisive action.

11. “The Company Policy Manual that Works” - Learn how to use this secret tool to make managing your employees safe, easy and consistent. Why should your company have a manual? What will be covered in the manual? How to change the manual when necessary.

12. “Managing Employees by their Work style” - Understanding individual employee communication styles, approach to task completion, decision making style, motivators, demotivators, strengths and weaknesses will maximize employee performance and satisfaction.

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