Employee Opinion Survey

Why Conduct an Employee Opinion Survey?

There are ample reasons as to why an organization should conduct employee opinion surveys. It has noticeable benefits which are as follows:-


  • Reduced Turnover
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Greater Ownership of Problems
  • More Focus on Quality

Advantages to the Employer

  • Identify how employees feel about their company: benefits, safety, supervisor/manager effectiveness, job satisfaction, pay, etc.
  • Identify strengths and limitations in work environment.
  • Clarify level of employee confidence and trust.
  • Earlier detection of problem areas.

Advantages for Employees

  • Increases morale by allowing employees an opportunity to be heard.
  • Assures employees of company's interest in what they think.
  • Improves communication between company and employee.

In What Areas Does the Employee Opinion Survey Gather Information?

Basic Topics of Interest to Employers

  • Policies, pay, and benefits
  • Job satisfaction
  • Supervisory and management effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Training

Additional Topics may be Added

  • Organizational change
  • Accountability
  • Job Security
  • Product quality
  • Safety
  • Customer service

How Will the Employee Opinion Survey be Administered?

  1. Stevenson & Associates, Inc. manages the entire process.
  2. Provide guidance on the selection of topics.
  3. Work with management in scheduling the times for conducting the survey.
  4. Administer the survey sessions. Present report findings to management.

What Type of Information is Provided by the Employee Opinion Survey?

  1. An executive summary report.
  2. A question-by-question breakdown of employee responses.
  3. An analysis of organizational strengths and development areas.
  4. A transcript of specific employee comments.
  5. Identification of training opportunities.

What Does It Cost to Conduct an Employee Opinion Survey?

Costs Depend Upon Several Factors

  • The length of the questionnaire
  • The number of surveys distributed and returned
  • How much time is spent writing the questionnaire
  • How much data analysis
  • What type of reports
  • How soon the client wants the project completed
  • How may site visits required

Why Your Company Should Work With Us

We incorporate over 75 years of human resource, management, training, and survey experience.

  1. We offer custom-designed surveys.
  2. We have experience in a wide range of industries and company sizes.
  3. We provide a level of involvement suited to your particular need.
  4. We work as partners to achieve your satisfaction.
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