Policy Manual

Policy Manual Development

Due to a multitude of federal and state laws, employers are faced with increasing exposure to liability. We all know that compliance is a monumental task, especially with growing governmental regulations. You are at risk if you do not have a current Employee Policy Manual stating your ADA and sexual harassment policies. We will help you take affirmative steps to avoid liability. Once the government comes to your workplace and finds you in non-compliance it is too late. The penalties can force some smaller companies’ right out of business.

How to Get Started

Step One: The process begins by sending all your current policies (if any), for review. We will contact you and discuss the specifics of your company and review any special issues you wish to include in your manual.

Step Two: You will receive your first draft and your office will be contacted to set telephone appointments to discuss each policy and specify the manual to your company.

Step Three: Final changes will be made, effective date chosen, and the manual will be implemented.

The result of this process is a user friendly policy manual which reflects your company policies in a lucid language that your employees can understand and position in logical order making policies easy to find.

Companies, who consistently use their policy manual in all employee interactions, experience an increase in their ability to defend unemployment claims and motivate employees by clear and fair communications.

The policy manual is organized in such a manner as to allow changes without recreating the entire manual. After the policy manual is completed, you will receive a final hard copy and a computer diskette containing the manual.