Employee Search

An Employee Search at an Affordable Rate

For the purpose of appointing new recruits in your organization, till now you took it upon yourself to write the advertisement, review resumes, call to qualify the candidates, conduct interviews; and get all this done while doing your full time job. How about using the services of professionals in this field now!

Outsourcing potential employees enables business owners and key executives of an Organization to stay focused on customers, concentrate on their productivity, and free resources for other purposes. Effectively used, outsourcing can lead to lower costs and enhanced customer service.

Stevenson & Associates, Inc. is professionally equippedto help search competent employees for your organization as per your requirement in the most cost effective manner.

For most such professional companies, search fees are a percentage of the selected candidate’s annual salary. Often this figure is around 30% or more, which would make a $30,000 position cost you an additional $9,000 up front; and that fee is due even if the person leaves or does not work out. However, with us it works differently. We provide a unique service where we perform advertising and testing on potential employees and bill on an hourly rate.

We will gladly give you an estimate up front. Send an enquiry today for an estimate and references.