The Company

Stevenson & Associates, Inc. is a business-oriented human resource service specializing in assisting companies with their most valuable asset, their people. When you hire a new employee, it takes time and money. Our clients have greatly reduced turnover and improved efficiency by knowing how a new hire will perform and by measuring their reliability in advance.

Handling employee problems can be a monumental task, especially with growing governmental regulations, reporting requirements and a sensitive legal climate. Concerns such as sexual harassment, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), workplace violence, and compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), make this situation even more complex when you consider the risks of wrongful discharge suits, and discrimination charges.

Due to a multitude of federal and state laws, employers are faced with increasing exposure to liability. We help employers take affirmative steps to avoid liability. Once the government comes to your workplace and finds you in non-compliance, it is too late.

Your company is at risk if you do not have a current Employee Policy Manual stating your company policies. You also need current Job Descriptions. An up to date manual and job descriptions are essential for directing employees and protecting your company.

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